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Cancellation Policy

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Overview of our cancellation policy

We aim to keep the workshops as flexible and affordable as possible so our strict cancellation policy is the only thing in place to ensure the viability of the workshop from week to week:

i. Once paid: We will not be able to refund payment for workshops.

ii. Once paid: If you cannot attend the workshop and you notify us 72 hours prior to the workshop, you may receive a credit for one of the next workshops. Credits are provided at our own discretion and are only granted provided you notify us in writing of your wish to cancel 3 full days in advance of your workshops start time.

NOTE, you cannot ‘transfer’ or reschedule a booking or workshop. If you are requesting a transfer, you are requesting a cancellation of a contract previously made with us, in which case, our cancellation policy will then apply.

We thank you for your understanding and support.

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We are so happy to have these awesome and the same time professionals people that help us to create the best yoga classes in the city.

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